01 Feb 2010

DJ Skills

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DJ Skills: The essential guide to Mixing and Scratching
by Stephen Webber

Grab a copy from amazon.com and get unleash yo mad skillz.

  • Learn DJ Skills & Techniques
  • Understand the tools and push the limits of technology
  • Discover the history of DJing from the masters

DJ Skills: The Essential Guide to Mixing & Scratching is the most comprehensive, up to date approach to DJing ever produced. From scratching and mixing skills to the latest trends
in DVD and video mixing, this book gives you access to all the tools, tips and techniques you need.

Covering DJ history, cutting-edge technology, performance skills and featuring an audio example CD, Stephen Webber has created the essential guide for DJs everywhere.

Features: Interviews with BT, Paul Oakenfold, DJ Shadow, QBert, Rob Swift, Kid Koala, Herbie Hancock, DJ Logic, Faust & Shortee, and DJ Radar.

About the author: Stephen Webber has over 25 years experience as a DJ, record producer, engineer, session player, music director, studio designer and recording artist. He has written for Mix, Remix, Electronic Musician, Audio Media, and Pro Sound News magazines, is an Emmy Award-winning composer for film and television, and professor of music production and turntable technique at Berklee College of Music.

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