Archive: 1991-2001

Released: 2001

Review: Shifting electronic dreamscapes combine introspective sonic textures with emotive melodies. Ideal soundtrack for an epic family drama set in a country with extreme weather patterns. Melissa Piazza –

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01 3:24 Dream of Rain (1991)
Originally composed as a solo piano piece, Dream of Rain features orchestration completed at Austin Peay State University.

02 1:22 Project 1 (1992)
03 1:05 Nightmare (1993)
04 3:05 October Moon (1993)
Among the first songs I wrote (more like spontaneously performed) using MIDI.

05 4:47 Remember Winter (1994)
06 2:39 On Looking Back (1994)
From the Christmas album Remember Winter.

07 5:50 Myth (1995)
08 2:47 The Flames (1995)
Recorded live at APSU.

09 4:03 The Gift (1995)
A Christmas present for my wife.

10 4:48 Move It Over (1995)
Another spontaneous MIDI performance.

11 3:13 Soul of the City (1995)
12 4:26 Digital Illusions (1995) Watch video below
Soundtracks to a couple of my video production projects. Both were recorded live at APSU.

13 1:06 Daedalus (1997) Watch video below
Another exercise in scoring for video, this time for “The Daedalus Encounter” video game.

14 1:37 Crazy at Sea (1997)
Evolved from jazz composition exercises at Berklee. I think I will pick this back up one day and expand it.

15 2:46 Gone For So Long (1998)
Recorded live at Berklee. Yes, that is me singing. I would like to do a whole album of this kind of stuff some day.

16 1:03 Wild Things (1999)
Still wild and unfinished to this day.

17 3:00 Patapan (2000)
The result of some experimenting in the techno genre to produce Christmas music.

18 2:50 Sonata (2001)
My entry into a contest sponsored by Sony to write a Sonata with a total time of 2:49 using orchestral samples from Sonic Foundry. I did not win.

Notes: I apologize for the sound quality of some of the songs. Some were rescued from old cassette tapes; others were recorded live at the back of huge halls.


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Digital Illusions
video copyright © 1992 Odyssey Visual Design, audio by Chad Seay

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Daedalus Project
video copyright © 1995 Virgin Interactive, audio by Chad Seay